Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Insights Community?

An Insights Community is generally made up of a targeted group of stakeholders, usually customers, who are recruited into a private online environment to participate in a company’s, or brand’s research-related activities on an ongoing basis.
Each company hosting surveys is seeking out consumer direction, general feedback and information on products and services. By joining Bluedot Comuna and participating in surveys, you will help guide the overall company on where it should focus or change things to meet the consumer needs.

How will I know when a survey is available?

Bluedot Comuna registered members will receive an email notification, alerting them of newly uploaded surveys. You’ll then have to log in and complete the survey.
However, there may be instances where surveys are uploaded, but our client (let’s say a Bank for example) has requested that responses only be solicited from persons within a certain age range, or geographic region. In instances like these, you may see the survey, but will be prohibited from completing it IF you haven’t met the client’s criteria.

Am I allowed to have more than one account on Bluedot Comuna?

No. This is a serious violation of our policies and doing so WILL lead to a permanent ban from our platform (of all involved accounts). All previously collected points will be forfeited and all submitted but unpaid claims will be disregarded. Bluedot Comuna prides itself on it's integrity and our commitment to providing accurate data and insights to our clients. The collection of duplicate data compromises this commitment and will not be tolerated.

How am I rewarded for doing surveys?

Points are earned from each completed survey (1 point = $1). You will have the option to redeem your points for cash, which will then be deposited to your bank account. You will soon have the option as well to redeem your points in the form of a donation to a selected charity/cause. Points are redeemable after you have accumulated a minimum of 1,200 points.

Periodically, we will distribute "Profile Surveys". These are intended to ensure that your profile information is up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Our clients may, from time to time, be specifically interested in the feedback of a particular demographic or type of user. These types of surveys ensure that the insights they receive are from the relevant demographic/group of members.
Note, Profile Update surveys do not carry reward points.

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your points, please follow the below instructions:
Step 1 - Log in to your Bluedot Comuna Account
Step 2 - Click the "Rewards" tab 
Step 3 - Select the reward you'd like to redeem
Step 4 - Complete Bank Form
You will receive your rewards 5-7 business days after redeeming your points.  
**To prevent any undue delays, please ensure your banking information is correct before submitting**

I've completed a survey and haven't seen my points reflected. What do I do?

First, try retaking the survey. Rewards are only distributed upon 100% completion of a survey and clicking the Done or Submit button. However, if you are confident you answered all required questions or have retaken the survey and still haven't seen your rewards reflected, please contact us at Include your full name, the title of the survey and when you completed it.

I've redeemed my points and haven't received my cash reward. What do I do?

Depending on the financial institution you bank with, some transfers may take a little longer than others to be reflected. If you haven’t seen it reflected within the next 48 hours, please contact us at Include your full name, and your redemption code.

Do I have to redeem my points after each survey, or can I redeem for a lump sum at a later date?

It is not mandatory that you redeem your points after each survey. You will have the option of allowing your points to accumulate and redeeming for higher amounts at a later date.
**DISCLAIMER** - You have up until 12 months after being awarded points to redeem them, after which they WILL expire.

Will my personal information be shared with others?

No. Your trust and privacy is important to us. The information we collect about you is solely for the purposes of ensuring that our clients get the feedback from the intended demographic. Your information will not be shared with or sold to any third-party entities.